Liman Core 1.8 Release Notes

New things came with 1.8 version of Liman MYS.

New User Experience

One of the most important changes came with version 1.8 is updated user experience. New user experience includes:

  • New left menu design

  • Serve based listing instead of plugins

  • Search within servers

  • New Extension Market for easy extension installation

  • New home screen design

  • New modal changes

  • Design changes

  • New table design

  • Initial setup wizard

Left Menu

With our new left menu design, the usage flow in the Liman is now "servers -> extensions" instead of "extensions -> servers" flow. In the left menu, the list is made according to the server order, and by clicking on this server, the server details and extensions added to the server are displayed.


With the new update, tables are now more user-friendly! Tables with a right-click menu, clickable and selectable tables now work more prominently.

With the new search system, you will be able to get help easily in the parts you cannot find!

New Setup Wizard

With our new setup wizard, you will be asked to choose a language for the system and create a new user at the first installation. New features will be added to setup wizard in future versions.

Elements That Improve User Experience

Overlapping modals were not displayed properly in previous versions of the liman. With this release, this problem has been fixed, allowing both the close button to work properly and the black background of each modal to be displayed properly. Ease of use has been increased by making the modals appear in the middle of the screen.

In previous versions of the liman, dates were not displayed in a user-friendly manner. With the new version, we have made adjustments to make the dates appear correctly on WinRM and other servers. In addition, we have added guiding advice messages for our new users.

Liman core version is a system that allows users to add new languages they want as infrastructure. If you want, you can add a new language on the system by copying and translating the en.json file as lang_code.json.

New Extension Market

Thanks to our new extension market, you can install extension to Liman MYS with one click. On the system, there are open source extensions in our portfolio and extensions that we install for a fee.

Version Changes List

Big Changes

  • The initial setup wizard has been added to the system.

  • Added English support to 99% of the system.

  • The design of the entire system has been updated.

  • Improved overall user experience.

  • The language option in the system has been moved from session to database and environment variables file.

  • NEW! Our extension store has been added to the system. You will be just a click away from all the open source and paid plugins we have developed within the liman

  • Added new extension template for object oriented extension development tutorial.

  • Added search feature.

  • Improved new homepage layout. Server statuses, summaries from common extensions and monitoring of Liman server status are provided.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Fonts folder, changed the new font of the system interface to Inter, and updated FontAwesome.

  • The name of the Components folder has been changed to the user-friendly "components/".

  • All modals centered on the y-axis.

  • For the new interface system, the servers were made to go to the top when clicked.

  • The problem of not working graphics on the main page has been fixed.

  • All breadcrumb menus have been adjusted.

  • Table component has been edited, three dots icon has been added to operate on that row in tables with a right-click menu for user-friendliness.

  • The way modals in the system work has been changed. The experience has been streamlined by improving support for overlapping modals that are not available in Bootstrap.

  • Fixed closing of all modals when pressing the close button in open modals.

  • Adjusted the way the black shadow behind works in overlaying modals.

  • Dark mode adjusted.

  • Added Ubuntu 20.04 support.

  • System-wide English translation was made.

  • Notifications system has been adjusted. Added English message support.

  • Fixed some bugs in components.

  • The problem of the left menu not showing the active links properly has been resolved.

  • Fixed all non-valid system-wide HTML codes. A valid order has been introduced.

  • Removed the requirement to define cities for servers.

  • WinRM uptime problem solved.

  • Add-on update, add-on download systems have been adjusted.

  • All system documentation transferred to

  • Pages with lsb_release and lsof package dependencies have been edited. The lsb_release dependency has been removed.

  • Removed left menu extension count feature.

  • The left menu server count feature has been added to the tweaks tab.

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